You Are Beautiful


A good sense of humor will make up for bad hair days, pimples, and bloating, that is, if you don’t take yourself too seriously. When you don’t look or feel your best, look for the humor in your situation. Sometimes, just looking in the mirror and seeing how silly you look will cause you to […]

My Secret To Losin..


Everyone always asks me how I have lost so much weight. What is my secret? There is none! It’s very simple and I will share it with you. With faith and action, I embraced change ….Raw Fitness is what I have been doing for the last couple months and all I can say is discipline, […]


Rosie Mercado1

Hi! My name is Rosie Mercado and welcome to my blog, Miss Bellisima. This blog was created as a way for me to connect with my fans and others, as well as share latest news, my experiences and hopefully, some inspiring messages. So, thank you for reading and be inspired! xo Rosie